General Information
Concerning Bankruptcy


If you live in Florida and want to file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, we can help you. We do not prepare actions to be filed under Chapters 13 and 11.

These services include the following:
The typing of your bankruptcy documents
Providing all necessary copies of your petition needed for filing with the courts

If you have what you believe will be an "uncontested" bankruptcy and desire the means to file your petition with as few headaches as possible, call us, or come on in.

Chapter 7 is straight bankruptcy in which the liquidation of unsecured debts is achieved. Example: credit cards, delinquent rents, judgments, deficiency balances, etc....

A frequent question asked is, "How will filing bankruptcy affect my credit? Unfortunately, if you are now considering filing bankruptcy, your credit history is already badly damaged, and bankruptcy filing will not do much more to damage it. In fact, it may even improve your chances for credit in the future.

Most debtors who file bankruptcy never in their wildest dreams thought that they would be forced to choose this option. Unfortunately, sometimes circumstances arise which put us in a position on the brink of financial disaster. Bankruptcy is an option which will provide you with a "Fresh Financial Start" and allow you to resume a normal life. Evening and weekend appointments available.

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